Starts with One

I've been an avid blog follower for quite some time but never found my life interesting enough to write one myself (save for xanga back in 8-10th grade/when writing in all lowercase letters was really cool) until I realized that if I want to have an interesting life, I have to make it interesting.

Thank you captain obvious for that insightful passage.

Regardless, I let myself get caught up in the 'Work for Tomorrow' mentality, a mindset whose symptoms include:
  • Being ruled by an endless To-Do list
  • Feeling a constant pressure to go that 'extra mile' regardless of the task's importance
  • Perpetually being stressed
  • Making menial tasks a life or death affair
  • Denying oneself time to have fun or relax because there's work to be done now under the belief the fun will come come later (yet it never does)
  • Not knowing how to enjoy each day or moment for what it is
  • Frequently causing people around the sufferer to become tense or stressed themselves
  • Not being a fun person to be around
I've learned over the past year or so that the 'work for tomorrow' mentality is less than healthy and so I'm bidding it adieu! Stepping off of the path I've followed for the past 19 or so years definitely won't be an overnight change, but I'm committing to the process. Thus far, the roadmap comprises
  • Enjoying living in the moment
  • Taking a step back to look at the big picture instead of critiquing each individual brush stroke, and
  • Doing a good bit of self reflection.
Anyway, here goes Lisa's Life 2.0 and my little experiment about making the most of each day.