Fresh Batteries

It's been a little over a week since I bid adieu to campus and my body and mind are finally starting to feel recharged after the most grueling semester of my college career. It's amazing what a good deal of sleep, fresh produce, and new running shoes can do for a person.

Some of the highlights of the past few days:
  • Completing a 10 mile run after mostly neglecting my training schedule for two weeks (Minneapolis Half Marathon in T minus 11 days!)
  • Having that 10 mile run interrupted by a dog stalking a robin and a duck orgy that came tumbling onto the path
  • Finding old love letters while organizing my files. And keeping them.
  • Watching my little sister glow on stage when she was presented with her Air Force Academy appointment at her senior awards night (and totally rock the dress and shoes I picked out for her)
  • Hearing an amazing acoustic cover of "Boys of Summer" by Bell X1 on the radio and then finding a way to make a copy of it after discovering it wasn't on itunes or amazon.  Three words: I love GarageBand.
  • Last night's thunderstorm
  • Catching up over breakfast with a beautiful and incredibly dear friend that never ceases to be an inspiration
  • Learning a new language
  • Reading Pride and Prejudice (and blogging) on a blanket outside in the shade on a marvelous may day
Happy Wednesday :)

p.s. I decided to move my food posts to a separate if your mouth is dry, feel free to click on the "Delicious" link in the blog roll to (potentially) start drooling.

jk about the drooling.