Sweet Summer

Sophomore year, i-core, and my time as a Community Advisor (aka an RA) at the University of Minnesota have all come to an end, meaning that summer is here! Some were definitely more painful to say goodbye to than others--my residents, friends, and room being tough, i-core not so much. It was weird realizing that I'm now halfway through college and that I won't be back on campus or in Carlson until January, but I'm looking forward to the adventures that the coming months will bring.

After moving out on Sunday, my first official act of summer was to see South Pacific at the Ordway with my Mom and sister

The show was marvelous--the singing was breath taking, the men were quite attractive, our seats couldn't be beat, and I can't seem to get the songs out of my head. And I desperately want to visit the South Pacific...Bali Ha'i anyone? Following the show, we stopped by Kincaid's for some cocktails (a virgin pomegranate mojito for me and a strawberry lemonade for Hail) and baked brie. Delicious.

Speaking of delicious, I've been on a bit of a baking kick lately. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I've been kitchen-deprived for the past 9 or so months? Regardless, I'm loving having an oven, a well-stocked fridge, and a family that willingly consumes my experiments.