Waking up early.  Laughing.  Hiking/backpacking.  Running.  Traveling.  Performing on stage.  Nailing a speech/presentation.  Trying new things.  Spending time with family and friends.  Watching the sunset.  Stargazing.

A day that involves any of theses things is a good marvelous one :)

After about 2.5 weeks of summer laziness, I've maxed out my tolerance for vegging.  At least I outdid my old record...haha.  It's the little victories that count so I'll take what I can get (or rather, rationalize it to work out in my favor).  Now the question is how to translate that into a skill for my resume...

Regardless, I have a little under 5 weeks before I leave for my European escapades (a 6-week internship & study program in London followed by a semester at a school just south of Paris in France), so here's the bucket list of things to accomplish before jumping the pond:

  • Complete a half marathon (2ish days!)
  • Reteach myself how to play soccer
  • Go on a bike trip
  • Master the art of driving a stick shift
  • Bring epic bonfires/raves back to my backyard 
  • Get up to speed on European politics
  • Take a day trip to Chicago to obtain my French Visa (why countries make it so arduous for innocent and sweet young women like myself to get in is beside me)
  • Experience the summer solstice in Alaska with a beautiful friend
  • Assistant-direct one final week of Girl Scout day camp at my favorite (and unfortunately, soon to be sold) camp
  • Improve my flexibility to the extent that my heels will comfortably touch the mat in downward dog
  • Go camping by myself for a weekend
  • Attend as many of my little brother's baseball games as possible
  • Grad party it up
  • Spend time with each and every one of my favorite people
  • Hit up the beach
  • Devote an hour each day to pleasure reading
  • Enjoy every evening's sunset
This ought to be fun.
(^ understatement of the century.)

ps.  I obviously abhor lists.