And the wheel just keeps on turning

Desperate times call for desperate measures...such as going on a 50 mile bike ride the day after running a half marathon.  In talking with my dad about it afterward, he mentioned that 50 miles is a half I've done a half marathon and a half century in 2 days.  I guess I'm either a half person (commitment issues?) or that I subconsciously wanted to make a whole.  haha.

Poor attempts at humor aside, my friend and I had planned on going on a bike adventure to Minneapolis sometime after we finished our half marathon and yesterday happened to be the best day schedule-wise for both of us.  The ride was INCREDIBLE and the scenery was absolutely beautiful!

The ride included:
  • Biking from our hometown to the Mississippi River Trail (a 3,000 mile bicycling route that travels from the headwaters of the Mississippi River to the delta at the Gulf of Mexico)
  • Taking the MRT into St. Paul
  • Stopping for a silly mock photo shoot at a place at which my friend had had some senior pictures taken 
  • Carrying our bikes up 15 flights of stairs per Google Maps' instructions...I'm sure we could have found a side street but carrying the bikes sounded more entertaining
  • House hunting along Summit Avenue
  • William Mitchell College of Law, Macalester College, & St. Thomas University sightings (as well as potentially spotting my marketing teacher from last semester)
  • Delicious Punch Pizza
  • A visit to the Minneapolis Half Marathon course
  • A Greenway adventure
  • Shirtless running men.  I tried to keep count for you, Natalie, but there were too many.  not like that's a bad thing though :)
  • A Whole Foods stop (yes, it was my second time there in 3 days, but I had to introduce my friend to its wonders)
  • A ridiculous game of leapfrog with a woman...we'd pass her, she'd speed up to pass us, she'd slow down, we'd pass her, she'd speed up to pass us, she'd slow down...repeat. repeat. repeat.  We won :)
  • Some MASSIVE hills (the return trip was essentially all uphill and we biked the entire thing!)
  • A fantastic day spent with a beautiful friend

Surprisingly, the 50 miles was a lot easier than I thought it would be and I was a lot less sore afterward than when I woke up that morning.  I'm almost a little disappointed! (almost)