So much to blog about, so little time

I leave in 5 days.  It's funny how I both want time to speed up and slow down--I'm really excited to be in London, yet there is SOOO much that I have left to do before I leave...people to see, places to go, things to pick up...and I haven't even thought about packing yet.  I should probably get on that.

Today was pretty productive though--I got to have 1-on-1's with 4 friends and had a fantastic advising appointment all in one trip to campus!  The level of connectivity that made today possible is amazing, but I wonder sometimes if I'm becoming too reliant on technology.  Yes, I grew up with personal computers, the internet, cell phones, and of course, stalkbook, but as I get older, it's becoming more and more difficult to unplug myself from the grid.  I'm not sure if it's a generational need to be connected, a fear of missing out, or a subconscious desire to be there for friends...but connectedness happens.

The trend of valuing the virtual world over the present moment makes me wonder where society is headed...are we going to be living so that we're enjoying our lives or so that we maintain the appearance of leading interesting ones for other people?

On a lighter note, I decided to change my minor--goodbye international business, hello entrepreneurial management.  And I promise to blog about all of the things that have been going on lately before I leave on Tuesday.


  1. Man, you DO get around. Kidding, of course... or am I?

    It was good to hang out for the short time we had... and I do apologize again for the abrupt ending. I ended up walking back (it was beautiful yesterday) and got some awesome pictures of I-94 and off the Franklin Avenue bridge. And yay for changing the minor!


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