Tonight an old friend and I went to Panera to catch up.  After finishing dinner, not wanting to go our separate ways, but being limited by the lack of places to go or things to do in the suburbs after 8pm (or in general), we went to a nature preserve to go for a walk.  The walk turned into a hike, we took trails without knowing where they would lead, the sun set, and we eventually found our way back through the woods in the dark.  A playground was by the parking lot and so we extended the evening by swinging on the swings and discussing humanity.  It was spontaneous and marvelous and I couldn't have asked for a better evening.


  1. You know that people do stuff like that and, next thing you know, they get engaged and married.

    Just saying.


  2. It would be the perfect love story save for my evening's partner in crime being gay... Alas. Something like last night but with Mr. Right is bound to happen sometime though :)


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