I feel like I'm rapidly becoming a Londoner even though this is only my 5th night here...although I still haven't gotten the hang of looking in the correct direction when I want to cross the street.  Seeing people drive on both the opposite side of the road and car hasn't yet become normal, but I have to admit that their cars and license plates are cooler than the ones in the US.

London is absolutely insane tonight after the World Cup Final (it's a little after 11:30 here) honking, people screaming, and pub celebrations flowing into the streets.  The energy is incredible and I love the's just inconvenient that the World Cup Final had to be the night before my internship interview.  Ahh well.  I'll still take this over the suburbs any day :)

To recap the past few exciting and action packed days, thus far I've: 
  • Had two orientations (classes and internship...okay, those weren't so exciting)
  • Learned my way around the tube (the subway system)
  • Took a harrowing ride on a double decker bus
  • Somewhat stocked my kitchen
  • Figured out British currency
  • Learned how to flush the toilets (quite the accomplishment.  seriously.)
  • Visited Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Parliament, Big Ben, the London Eye/Millennium Wheel, Tower Bridge, London Bridge, the Natural History Museum, the Royal Albert Theatre (home of the BBC Proms, a marvelous classical music festival, which starts next week!), Harrods (a famous luxury department store), Primark (Target combined with the dollar store combined with the insanity of shopping in Ikea), and countless monuments 
  • Strolled through Hyde Park
  • Seen "Avenue Q" (best show I've ever watched.  I about died of laughter) AND
  • Made some amazing friends :)
Living situation:
5 girls.  One bathroom.  2 mirrors.  oh my.