Where's the remote?

Life in London seems to be on fast forward.  My days are pretty lively--leave the flat around 8 to take the tube to work, get to work around 9, work from 9-5, walk or take the tube either to class, an adventure location (tonight was a curry dinner in Brick Lane), my friends flats, or home (eventually home), run if it's still light out, make food for dinner and the next day's lunch, do homework, fall into bed, repeat.  Weekends (Friday-Sun) are spent traveling (this past weekend was Stonehenge and Bath), and then Mondays roll around again.    

Tonight my program provided a free curry dinner for students at an Indian restaurant in Brick Lane (a street famous for its Indian food).  The food was fantastic (the leftovers will definitely help my grocery budget for the week), the company even better, and it was a great way to end a tiring day of work.
Post dinner, my friends and I tried to explore the area a bit.  Apparently, a group of American girls wandering down Brick Lane screams "approach me and invite me to your restaurant," so as we were stuffed from dinner and didn't take pleasure in sounding like a broken record (we literally had 4 people approach us in a 20 ft stretch of road), we headed back to the tube station to go our respective ways.  One of the highlights of the night was realizing that my bag of leftovers had leaked and dyed my leg yellow.  haha.

I hope your days have been as enjoyable as mine!


  1. While I was reading, the title of your blog totally changed from 'Electrical Socket' to 'Lisa vs. Europe'.

    Where are you? Kidding.


  2. lol. i figured the updated title would better reflect the blog's nature...but it will change back once i'm in the states. promise :)

  3. No reason for that. Just make a new blog. You know how easy that is with the Blogger system.


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