Friday August 27: Day 6 on Paros

I enjoy Fridays in general but Fridays are especially nice here because Fridays mean that I don’t have to scrub fish remnants from bowls.  Wahoo!

Bird tour time!
Small waterfowl enclosure
Kestrel with a broken wing
Lesser Spotted Eagle
Peregrine Falcon
Short Leg Buzzards
a blind eagle
Long Leg Buzzards
This owl is perpetually dizzy so he always holds his head to the side
Some of the large waterfowl
The heat here makes it difficult to be motivated to do anything that requires moving, particularly since going anywhere requires a minimum of 30 minutes of walking in the baking sun.  Fair skin does not like the baking sun.  It kills me though since I really want to explore and make the most of my time here on Paros…damn sun, limited daylight when it is cooler, and limitations of being a woman by herself.

I did manage to convince myself to go to the beach today—I was smart enough to put on my bikini and sunscreen before I could talk myself out of venturing into the heat.  It’s been said for running that half the battle is just putting your shoes on since once they’re on, you have to go and will be glad you did after just a few minutes.  It’s the same way with going outside in Greece—once I start walking (even if I’m dripping with sweat), I’m always glad I did.  About 45 minutes after leaving, I got to the beach and pretty much had the entire thing to myself.  The water was warm but refreshing and ridiculously salty...I learned the salty bit when it went up my nose.  Regardless, it was glorious.

One thing I did not get today was a nap so I’m exhausted from the day’s work and from being in the sun for so long.  Marios, the hospital’s director, comes back from Athens tomorrow after being away for the past week.  I’m looking forward to meeting him as well as going into Parikia to connect with the life I left in the US. 

I’ve come to the realization that I love traveling and being independent, but that travels are more enjoyable when you have someone with whom to share the experience.  Life here—life alone—can get pretty lonely.  Anyone want to come to Greece for a week?