August 29: Day 8 on Paros and a day off of work

Goal for the day: learn to windsurf.

Instead of waiting for a bus to Noussa to pass by the hospital (7:30 am, 11:10, 1:10pm), I walked to the main road to catch an earlier one.  I had about an hour before the next bus to the South Eastern edge of the island (aka windsurfing lessons!) departed, so I spent it wandering around the town.  Noussa is cute, has a great view of the sea, and has a lot of good restaurants and shops, but I don’t think I’ll go back unless I’m connecting to another bus…it’s a bit too touristy for my taste.
Windsurfing is a lot harder than it looks.  I was hoping that being a snowboarder would help my balance…no such luck.  Go big or go home though, right? (bonus points to whoever names the movie reference first!)  Learning to windsurf was awesome even though the conditions today—choppy waves and wind coming from an odd angle—were less than ideal for a beginner.  After an hour’s lesson, I can now put a board together, cruise, and turn in addition to the more important aspects of windsurfing: eating it and collecting battle wounds.  Haha.
Post-lesson, I snagged some freshly squeezed orange juice and a lounger underneath a palm umbrella on the beach.  Begin veg cycle.
Foolishly thinking that I’d be fine out of the shade for 15 minutes, the parts of my body that I couldn’t effectively cover with sunscreen (namely my mid-back) are now pretty rosy.  Figures.

Travel tip: public busses are an excellent and thrifty way to tour/explore a place.  For the price of a ticket, you get to see things the way the locals do.  Plus, if you find something interesting along the route, it’s easy to go back later to check it out.

Adventure day concluded with dinner in Noussa--my first official Greek salad!  Note that this picture was taken after I had eaten half of everything...and they say that American portions are distorted!
Going back to yesterday, I spent a bit too much time in Parikia so I took the scenic route home via the 8pm bus to Noussa.  I got off at the point where the secondary road (off of which I live) meets the main road (where the bus was) and had a lovely 30 min walk home in the twilight.
If Paros is beautiful by day, it's stunning at night with the lights from the houses twinkling in the hills.  Fastforward an hour or so to 9:30 and the night sky was incredible.  My eyes were probably playing tricks on me, but the constellations were clearer here than I’ve seen them before…plus I saw the Milky Way a few shooting stars too!  What better way to end a day than with stargazing and a cup of chamomile tea?