August 30: Day 9 on Paros

After completing my chores for the day, Marios gave me a ride down to Parikia on his scooter so that I could print off and mail a scholarship thank you letter back to the states.  I’d never been on a scooter before, but the feeling of flying down the road with the wind in my hair was absolutely exhilarating.  Sadly, it wouldn’t be safe for me to rent a scooter while I’m here because the roads aren’t that great, I’m not familiar with the area, and Greek drivers are crazy.  Alas.  The ride definitely intensified my desire to get a motorcycle and motorcycle license back in the States though…now all I have to do is convince my mom that doing so won’t get me killed and make enough money to make the motorcycle happen.

I feel like I’m finally acclimating to the heat, but today was scorchingly hot.  As such, I stayed inside for most of the day cooking and checking things off of my to-do list.  Result: a happy tummy, an updated goals-to-attain-before-I-turn 50 list, 2 new photo albums ready for posting, a clean inbox (my computer saves a copy of each email so I can read and create draft responses without an internet connection), a composed networking email that I’ve been meaning to send for ages, a list of edits for the blog posts I hurriedly put up the other day, and consumption of copious amounts of water.

On my way down to Parikia to post this, I was offered another ride.  This time, it was an older lady from Frankfurt, Germany who has been living in Paros for the past 8 years.  We bonded over our mutual distaste for the way Greeks treat animals (don’t get me started) and I was in Parikia 5 minutes later.  Thanks friendly lady!

p.s.  Happy 21st Birthday to the amazing LCW :)