Love Never Dies

My friends and I have been working through our London theatre list over the past few weeks...
✓Avenue Q  ✓Lion King  ✓Wicked  ✓The Beauty Queen of Leenane  ✓Sucker Punch
✓After the Dance (thanks theatre class for the last 3 plays)
...leaving the musical highlight, Love Never Dies (Phantom of the Opera 2), which premiered in London in March, for last.
Lady luck was on our side--the theatre had seats available the first time we tried to go see it!  While they didn't have student rush tickets (boo), they did give us 2 seats next to each other in the center of the front row for a little less than half of the original ticket price.  Technically the view was a bit obstructed because we had to look up and the conductor was just off to our left, but £62 tickets for £37?  I'll take it.

Don't hate me, but I (may) love 2 better than the original.  It's darker, more dramatic, a bit rock 'n roll (v. classic romance) and I can't seem to get the songs out of my head.  I may just have to go again. and again.  and again.  At least I'll settle for the soundtrack. <3.