Thursday August 26: Day 5 on Paros

Today was the first day that I was completely on my own since Sofia is away for the next week.  After only a few days here, I’m really amazed that I’m trusted enough to run the place.  It’s a pretty exhilarating feeling!

I got up around 6am again today, ate, and had enough light to start working around 6:45.  I finished shortly after 10, did all the dishes that had been left outside (there isn’t a sink in the kitchen so all the dishes are done under a tap outside), showered, did a load of laundry, and ate lunch all before most people on the island even crawled out of bed.  Greeks tend to be rather nocturnal due to the summer heat so 11am is a normal time to wake up during the week.

I really enjoy living on my own and find the smallest things like getting groceries, cooking a meal, or doing laundry to be mini accomplishments!  Post lunch, I read while waiting for a man named Seraphim to come by to take care of the special needs birds.  He ended up arriving 2 hours later than I was told, still slightly drunk from the night before.  Haha.  After amiably chatting, drinking coffee, and smoking a cigarette, he realized the time and became a hurricane of activity.  In the process, I learned to force feed birds (again, something a newbie volunteer would NEVER do in the US) and watched mess after mess pile up.  Seraphim ran to catch the bus leaving me to clean up (since the hospital is on the secondary road between Parikia and Noussa, only 3 busses per day pass by in each direction, with the last passing at 1:40 pm).  It’s awful of me to say it, but I’m almost a little glad he missed the bus because he then had to come back to clean up his mess…although it also meant him having to walk 5k home in the midday heat.  Yuck. 

Post Seraphim, I read until 4:30 then walked to Dia, the closest supermarket, to get more yogurt and to restock my veggies.  I. Love. Greek. Yogurt.  Sofia had made a map with approximate walking times to various places and Dia supposedly takes 40-50 minutes.  I did it in 30.  I know that I walk quickly when I have somewhere to be, but looking at my watch upon arrival was definitely a proud moment.  A 1000g tub of Greek yogurt, carrots, cucumbers, tomato sauce, chamomile tea, and bread fit into my daypack and 30 minutes later I was home for some much needed “off the feet and rehydration” time.  Bed followed shortly there after.