Tuesday August 24: Day 3 on Paros

Lugging heavy watering cans from enclosure to enclosure under the heat of the sun isn’t much fun so today’s work started at first light, around 6:30am.  Sofia was shocked when I said I love getting up early—I guess I’m the first volunteer that keeps the same hours she does.  After work I showered, ate, talked for a while, and then took a nap.  I got up around 4:30pm and walked 5k into town to hunt for a phone card and check my email.  
 The town square has free wifi, so compliments of my ipod touch, I was able to email my parents and check stalkbook.
Like the public women's toilets? Unfortunately the phone card that I was given doesn’t work for me—one of the rough aspects of not being able to read the local language.  When I returned home around 8:30 and Sofia translated the card for me I learned of my mistake…I’ll have to go back into town to try to exchange it later this week.