The only thing worse than having a cold is having a cold when you don't have ready access to cold remedies.  Or heated bedrooms.  The heat in my building hasn't been turned on yet and there's no definitive word on the street as to when that magical day will come (although some say it could be as late as the end of October).  For the time being, bring on the layers, tea, and oranges!

I spent the day clearing the local grocery store out of kidney beans (the best source of vegetarian protein I could find), working on marketing case studies, discussing group projects, and listening to the pouring rain.  I'd hoped to go apple picking at the farm near campus, but mother nature had other ideas for the afternoon.  Ahh well.  There's always tomorrow...although I've been telling myself that for the past week.  The weather can only taunt me for so long though before I win.  It should know better than to keep me away from apples :)

Over the next few days, I'm going to work on putting pictures from Greece into my Paros posts.  You should be on the lookout for those!  Also, I think I finally found a look for the blog that I like, so what you see should be pretty consistent from here on out.  It's about time, right?

Bonne nuit!