operation warm clothes

The original plan for the day was to get up early, take the train to Versailles, learn to play cricket with some people, and then head over to the mall in the afternoon to obtain warm clothes.  Even though it's barely the fourth day of Fall, France is already chilly and I definitely didn't bring enough layers with me when I packed my suitcase in July.  Oops.  Waking up to pouring rain, cricket was exchanged for another much needed hour or so in bed.  After breakfast at 9, Kenzie and I headed into Versailles for part b of the original plan--shopping!  The worst part about going into Versailles or shopping in general is the waiting...waiting to buy a train ticket, waiting for a train, waiting for a dressing room, waiting for an open cash register, waiting for a bus, waiting for a train home...I wonder how many days of our lives (if every waiting period was added together) we spend waiting in lines.  I bet it's ridiculous.
Hello warm clothes (plus a thermos, chocolate, and batteries for energy)!  I promise the batteries are just for my calculator :)

It's bed time for me--I think I'm catching a cold (hence the need for layers) so I need all the sleep I can get.