I had a date scheduled with this blog this morning.  Unlike this delayed post would suggest, I did keep the date (as promised!).  I wrote a post.  Deleted it.  Wrote a new post.  Deleted it.  Repeat a few more times and you'll get the gist of this morning.

Last night was far from the ideal night I had planned--to make a long story short, the pre-Party of the Week party (pre-P.O.W.) was out of control.  Drinking songs echoed down the halls, earplugs couldn't dampen out the shouting, and people threw up from drinking so much before they even left for the P.O.W...which had an open bar.

Getting back to this morning, I knew that if I posted anything that I'd written (or thought about writing), I'd:
a. really worry my parents
b. regret saying some things once the emotions became less raw
c. let myself down by allowing my anger to get the best of me
d. let you down by not being the bigger person I chose not to post anything.  Some homework, lots of obsessive blog-reading (I discovered a vegetarian/runner/non-drinker/culinary student blog to which I'm completely ADDICTED), and about 15 cups of tea later, I felt enough like my normal level-headed self to give the blog another shot....

Tomorrow morning :)

update: making the most of the situation