Room Tour

Now that I've finally home-ified my room compliments of Ikea, it's time for the long overdue room tour!
If you face the other direction, you'll pass through a door and then see a hallway with my closet (boring, so not pictured) and the entrance to the sink/shower area.  I share a shower with a girl named Mackenzie, which when not in use, is used as a passageway between our rooms.  We joint-purchased a hot water maker, broom, tea, coffee, dish and laundry detergent, etc since it would have been pointless to each buy our own things when we have to leave them here anyway.  It also helps that she and I are really similar personality/lifestyle-wise which makes the semi-roommate experience really easy and enjoyable.  At dinner last night, another girl called Mackenzie & I "douche-mates" to which I responded with a blank stare...until I learned that "douche" is the french word for shower.  haha
I'm working on getting on a better blogging schedule since I've been pretty neglectful lately.  As my classes switch times/days each week, I'm testing out an early morning (while I'm waiting for it to get light enough to run) and evening blogging schedule.  We'll see if it sticks.  I'm off for my morning run, so I'll see you later tonight.