shiny new pages

I let the living-with-party-animals situation get me down for the past few days and the result was a very blah Lisa.  Blah not so much in a sick way but more of a 'going through the motions but not really there' sense...and blah enough to not want to write about anything.  I woke up this morning determined to put an end to the blah-ness and also to stop allowing other people to shape my experience here in France.  Yes, I will still have to deal with the same things I have been dealing with lately, but it's my choice about whether or not I let them affect me.  The way I see it, I can either be miserable and complain about it (and not like myself for being such a downer) or I can choose to accept that that's life, find a way to work around it, and have a great time in studying abroad.  Option b sounds a lot better to me :)

Decision made, the funk that I was in disappeared pretty quickly and my normal energy and productivity level returned.  Wahoo!  I made good use of it to check a lot of things off of my to-do list, including adding two pages to this blog!  If you look up at the tabs bar, you should now see 'class schedule' and 'absentee voting' tabs.  The class schedule will give you some idea of what I have going on each day (remember that I'm 7 hours ahead of Central Time so if the times are goofy, it's because it's set on Paris time).  Clicking on calendar entries will give you more details about each event.  I think it's pretty cool :)  Second, the absentee voting tab contains information about how to order an absentee ballot for the upcoming November 2nd elections.  Voting in each election is EXTREMELY important for everyone to do...just look at the 2008 MN Senate race if you need proof that every vote does count.  If you're not living in your home precinct, PLEASE visit the absentee ballot page and order one for yourself.

Bedtime for me and an adventure day planned for tomorrow!