Sunday September 5: Last day on Paros

I had grand plans for today—getting up at sunrise, running to the beach, going for a swim, running home, cleaning/doing laundry, working on French, packing, and then spending the rest of my last day on Paros relaxing on the beach.  Getting up at sunrise, laundry, cleaning, French, and packing still happened, but my body had other plans for activities requiring more motion.

My right hip started bothering me on the walk back from Parikia yesterday.  Thinking it was a cramp from sitting oddly while checking email, I turned down a ride in hopes that it would go away if I kept walking.  That was silly.  By the time I made it back to the hospital, moving was painful.  It’s a bit better today but I figured resting it would be smarter than trying to push my luck.  Note to self: pain results from turning down motorcycle rides with cute Greek boys.

Lesson learned, it's pretty amazing how 6 months of one's life can fit in a few bags: