Thursday September 2: Day 12 on Paros

One of the things I love most about being out in nature is how simple things become a delight.  When I’m walking, spotting lizards on the stonewalls lining the road always makes me smile.  I like making a game out of anticipating their next move, which brings me back to younger days at my Grandparent’s house in California.  My siblings and I would spend hours chasing Western Fence lizards (or blue-bellies as we’d call them) and then revel in sitting in the sun with our prizes sun basking on the backs of our hands.  The coolest thing about the lizards here is that you’d never see them if you were driving by in a car or on a scooter.  You may see a flash of movement as they scurry back into the rocks, but nothing more because you pass too quickly.

Lizard spotting has been a good lesson for me in the importance of slowing down.  Getting from one place to another in the fastest possible way (aka driving) works, but what do you see or learn in the process?  What do you miss by focusing only on the road?  By moving steadily but at an unhurried pace, you have time to fully take in the view, see the hills that are coming and adjust your stride accordingly (rather than gunning it and hoping for the best), and arrive at your destination with a refreshed mind and willing attitude.  And you’ve seen the lizards.