While heading out the door to run this morning, I started thinking about an upcoming group meeting involving running multiple regressions...which I haven't done in a year...for a graded case study.  Yikes. Promising my running shoes that we'd have a date either before lunch or between my group meeting and class, shorts were exchanged for jeans, I made a trip down to breakfast, and then checked myself into Statistics 101 bootcamp (Hutchendorf style) for the rest of the morning.

The funny thing about 'later' in the day is that 'later' never comes when it comes to running.  My case study prep lasted until lunch, the group meeting took twice as long as expected, and then it was past sunset when I got out of class for the evening.  Sad day :/  The funnier thing is that even though the 'later never comes for running' thing has happened to me so many times before, I actually expected today to be different.  I'm pretty sure that that fits a definition for insanity--doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result each time.  haha.