Bound to happen

Every cook is bound to make mistakes and up until this point, I've gotten off scott free. Tonight, however, I was asking for it by
a. attempting to bake things for work when I didn't feel like doing it
b. being grumpy about it
c. starting to bake at 10pm at night

Winning combination right there.

Every Friday, people from my division bring in breakfast for each other. This week, it's my week to bring in originally I was really excited to introduce my office to the idea that vegan food can actually be fantastic. For some reason, they haven't believed me up until this point and jokingly tease me about it. Can't imagine why. ha.

Since today was kind of crazy for me (I didn't get home until 21:30), I figured I'd quickly throw together a cherry chocolate breakfast cake and be in bed within about an hour. When I opened the freezer to pull out the frozen cherries, I realized I must have been delusional when planning what to make because cherries weren't anywhere to be found. Nice one.

Peas & Thank You, one of my favorite food blogs, came to the rescue with this amazing blueberry "cheese"cake muffin  recipe. What are the odds that I got an urge to pick up vegan cream cheese last night? Good to know the big man upstairs is one step ahead of my culinary ventures.

I got out all the ingredients (which I luckily had), mixed them together, threw the muffins into the oven...and then I realized I left out the almond milk. Genius. Luckily, the muffins had only been in for a minute so I pulled them out, threw caution/baking science to the wind, poured a bit of milk into each tin, mixed it (so much for a defined "cheese"cake layer...ah well), and tossed it back in the oven thinking it could either be my best save ever or a disaster requiring me to get up extra early to hit up a bakery before work.

The muffins just came out of the oven and naturally I had to sample one to determine the time for which I should set my alarm. If my failed attempt to make muffins tastes this good, I can only imagine what the real thing is like. Thank you, Mamma Pea, for the Lisa-proof recipe. 


  1. For some reason, I'm thinking.... WFFTW. I hope you get it.


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