Lost souls

One of my favorite things to do when I have time at my disposal is to find lost souls and personally escort them to their destination. I commented on this a bit when I was in London (which was especially enjoyable because people thought I looked enough like a Londoner to ask me for directions!), but helping people find their way never gets old. Plus, when I'm on my home turf, I can also play tour guide and give restaurant recommendations (*cough* Punch Pizza *cough*). It's great fun.

On my commute home from work, a group of 8 ladies with suitcases got on the bus and then asked each other, 'do you know where we get off?' When none of them knew and one went up to ask the bus driver, I asked them where they were going, which happened to be a hotel near my apartment. My school's campus is massive so it's confusing enough...when you throw in bus detours and significant amounts of construction, good luck finding anything if you don't know where you're going. Since my plans for this evening involved nothing beyond food at some point and then research, I told them that not only would I tell them where to get off, but that I'd also walk them to their hotel. There's nothing worse than being lost with a heavy suitcase, so anything I can do to assist travelers and leave a lovely impression of my city is a good time for me.

15 minutes later, the ladies were checked in at their hotel, were jazzed about their time on campus & in Minneapolis, and I'd had a fun conversation & walk.

Mission accomplished.