Sunday Salute

Happy Sunday, friends!

This past week of work was a blur--a company-wide intern project was due, a 2-day Public Sector summit that I'd been planning for the past few weeks occurred (and went extremely well!), I got to facilitate a few fantastic team building events for my team involving balloons and legos,
and I had to dress more formally on Friday (casual in my office) than I did any other day of the week due to an intern event at the corporate office. Officially there are 3 weeks remaining of my summer internship...where did summer go?!

The weekend started out at the Bradstreet Crafthouse for a friend's 22nd birthday. Pre-prohibition era cocktails, delightful non-alcoholic versions for this young pup, and the swankiest settings I've ever experienced? You might as well give me a change of address card because I may take up residence at this place come November.
A few blocks of failwalking (synthetic leather soles + 90 degree heat = a slip'n slide in 4" heels), a shoe change into flipflops (which looked super classy with my black dress & pearls), and a bus ride later, I met up with two of my close friends at a friend's apartment for a movie & conversation night. 500 Days of Summer, champagne flutes for glasses, and back massages? Yes, yes, and yes.

Apart from waking up with dirty teeth in the same clothes I'd worn the night before, Saturday was quite lovely. My morning was spent drifting in and out of consciousness during a thunderstorm, the afternoon running 7.2 miles along the Mississippi River, and then the evening scheming. Classic.

The original plans were to see Mucca Pazza (a 30-piece circus-punk marching band) with a few friends until the '21+ show' note on the band's website complicated things. I'm too honest to have a fake ID yet not above concocting ridiculous stories... one of the ideas proposed to get me into the show involved my HEC Paris student ID card, claiming (in a heavy accent) that I was a French exchange student that wanted to see Mucca Pazza before returning to France, and throwing a few French words in for effect. ha.

As genius as the idea sounded, the likelihood of success was estimated to be .00001% so I opted out of pushing my luck. From what I heard, the show started 2 hours late & was disappointing while baking these banana brownies, watching Bella, and graffetti-ing my nails was quite gratifying. Proof that things happen for the best :)
(Note the awesome runners tan on my hand)

As for today, I've officially finished my first Kindle book (Phantom of the Opera) so now I'm in need of a run to loosen up from yesterday, time on the beach with my roomie, and church (because everyone can use some love and good news in their life). It'll be a good end to a great weekend.

Best things I've read this week:

How to learn to be lucky

An interesting commentary on teenage sex & cultural contrasts between the US and the Netherlands

5 myths about being vegan and for those of you that are still skeptical about how vegans or vegetarians could ever get enough protein (the most common question I'm asked), No Meat Athlete's vegetarian protein primer and fresh approach to getting enough protein are great resources

Over dinner epitomizes my idea of dating

Five Manifestos for life when you need a little extra encouragement

And this list because it is beautiful.
The end.