three things

1. I should have learned by now that habits are best formed with small steps--biting off more than one can chew due to excitement leads to failure and frustration. Habit building should be focused and empowering so I'm eschewing my prior 30 days assertion and starting anew with ONE new habit using the 5 steps to create a new habit mentioned in this article
Make a plan - choose a trigger - get positive feedback - report your habit to a social group - reward yourself
What am I going to be doing for the next 30 days? Getting at least 7 hours of sleep a night. So many of my daily frustrations are caused by sleep deprivation (lack of focus, unsatisfying workouts, being tired, etc) that I might as well get at the root cause v. trying to treat symptoms with caffeine and forcing performance from an exhausted body. A wise person once told me to take note of how water always takes the path of least resistance in order to get where it wants to go...three years later, it's about time I listen.

Per the steps,

  • Make a plan: Each night I will shut my computer off by 21:00 and be in bed by 22:00 so that I can get at least 7 hours of sleep and have time to enjoy my mornings before I leave my apartment at 7:15 for work
  • Choose a trigger: Time. I'm going to set alarms on my phone for 21:00 & 21:45 to trigger my habit formation
  • Get positive feedback: I will recognize that I'm more alert and energized during the day, which hopefully should be recognized by other people as well
  • Report your habit to a social group: Hey guys :) One of the reasons I'm blogging about this is so that you can hold me accountable
  • Reward yourself: Actually being awake during the day will be a nice reward, but as an added incentive, a spa day has my name on it if I stick to my commitment and form the positive habit.

2. The record breaking heat & humidity (120*F/49*C on the heat index) makes me really want a hammock. Think about how much more awesome a hammock would make napping, lounging, reading, etc. Seriously.

3. Don't let me forget to write about this past weekend. It was nuts.

30 days restarts tomorrow, but 7 hours of sleep sounds pretty attractive for tonight.