moving time

After a weekend offline with my family, I'm currently in the process of
1. packing up all of my worldly possessions
2. shifting them from my room to the living room of my current apartment
3. (hopefully) moving the pile to the living room of my new apartment within the next day or so
4. waiting for my new room in the new place to be painted and cleaned, and then
5. finally moving into that

The catch/complication for everything? I'm transferring apartments within the same building so I have to wait for the people currently living in my new apartment to move out before I can move in. Other people are waiting for me to move out of my current place so they can move into it. Painting and cleaning crews have to hit the apartments in between tenant changes.

what. a. mess.

In addition to the hectic nature of moving, the move out deadline is during a mandatory leadership training session for Lutheran Campus Ministry, so I won't be around my building except to sleep.

I thought transferring apartments would be easier than moving everything home and then back again...I guess the joke's on me.