Sunday Salute

Happy Sunday, friends!

I hope your weekends were engaging and restful--mine involved lots of food(extra spicy [and rather pricey] Indian), a long run, quality time spent with friends, a few purchases embracing my inner hipster (a Moleskine journal for case interview prep and a vegan cookbook), an arts festival, enjoying the beautiful weather, and lots of sparkling cucumber water.
I'm now down to two weeks of my internship (exciting but also bittersweet) and have plans to run off to Colorado for a few days following that to get out of MN, recharge, catch up with some friends, and do a ton of hiking. Pike's Peak is going to be the highlight of the trip--it's approximately 14 miles from our starting point to the summit with nearly 8000 ft of vertical change. Bring. It. On.

Best things I've found this week:

As interview season is quickly approaching for all of us entering our final year of college, I spend a lot of time working on case & behavioral interview prep. These questions are designed (from the perspective of the interviewer) to figure out if you're really cut out for the job, these ones ask traditional questions in unconventional ways, and these are just plain ridiculous.

These three short films shot in 11 countries over the course of 44 days will either act as a mini vacation or give you crazy wanderlust.

This article about executives reaping millions in 'nonprofit' care for the disabled in New York made my blood boil. I work in health care, specifically in public sector (medicare & medicaid) so it KILLS me to read about things like this.

What happens to your social media accounts after you're gone? Adam Ostrow has a few ideas:



  1. Dancing Ganesha = usually worth the hurt in the wallet

  2. Your week is always pretty productive, compared to mine! But I am glad we got to hang out last Saturday!


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