I did this for the first time this evening.
Some of this happened too.
(note: not actual pictures from today)

What was I doing? A new(ish) sport called "stand up paddling" or SUP for short. It was an insanely entertaining full body workout (600-800 calories burned per hour) that is incredible for your core & building balance. The vantage point of standing on a board on a lake was's definitely not a view you get to see every day. I may, in fact, be itching to do it again. And possibly purchase my own board. Except that SUP boards are $600-900. ouch. A girl can dream.

I biked to the lake from my company's location (5 miles), SUP-ed for an hour, and then raced 6 miles back to campus for a case interview prep meeting. 11 fast miles of biking + SUP + 14 hours away from my apartment = a very tired Lisa. Here's to hoping I can move tomorrow!