Here we go.

I just submitted my first consulting firm application. It's a crazy feeling. Even though I double triple checked that I uploaded the correct documents and that I didn't have any typos, I'm still rather paranoid about it. Is that normal? Don't answer that.

To get to this point (the application submission, not the paranoia), it took:
1 career exploration workshop
2.5 yrs of planning
2 study abroad experiences
2 internships
17 (I'm not kidding) resume iterations
5 site visits
Countless networking conversations
100+ hours of preparation (research, interview prep, etc)
Some really incredible friends
and a lot of pure grit and determination.

It's hard to believe I'm actually at fall recruiting season of my senior year of college for full-time management consulting positions...but now it's time to get serious about not only wanting it to happen but making it happen. I have a picture framed on my desk that reads,
which is exactly what I will be doing with every moment of my day over the next few weeks when I'm not in classes, in transit, or sleeping. I've come so far that digging deep is my only option--I refuse to psych myself out and/or let the stress of recruiting+classes+other obligations get to me. How's that for gumption? haha. I apologize in advance for sporadic blogging over the next few weeks--I'll post when I can, but I have a feeling sleep will win over blogging at night.

So far, it's one application down with at least 2 more to go. 1st round interviews start October 7-13th, second rounds are a week or so after, and decisions made by November 1st. Wish me luck and send focusing thoughts my way...I'm going to need it.