Bad habits die hard

It's nearly 11pm on a Sunday night and I'm still awake doing homework for tomorrow morning. Despite spending most of the weekend plugging away at it and devoting nearly the entirety of today to the cause, I find myself once again starting the week frustrated, sleepy, and more stressed than I'd like to be.

How to solve this? Well, let's treat it like a case question:

  • Situation: Our client is a college senior trying to balance academics, interviewing for full time positions, work, and her personal life
  • Complication: Despite attempts at productivity, our client can't seem to find enough hours in the day and is left to burn the midnight oil. This is taking a toll on her health, energy levels, patience with peers, and morale.
  • Objective: Determine what is causing this cycle and what our client can do to break it.

Step 1: Stop blogging for tonight, finish the homework, and get to bed.
Step 2: Continue this post at a later time