Fabulous Fridays

Fridays are generally fabulous. I'm not sure if that's because they're the first day of my weekend (no friday class!), the traditional last day before the weekend, or if it's just chance, but they tend to be more entertaining than other days of the week.

Consulting interview # 2 was today and it was a really interesting contrast to yesterday's interview with respect to format, interviewer style, enjoyment level, and my overall confidence walking out of it. I'm not going to go into much detail until I hear back from the firms (Monday), but interviewing has been a really interesting learning experience so far.

In general for case interviews, I feel like you win some and lose some (correlated with your good & bad days), but some you just get rocked by...and I don't mean that in a good way. Today's case was definitely in the 'rocked by' category. Towards the end of it, I felt completely powerless & couldn't stop my eyes from watering up a bit when the interviewer said "that's the case, thank you, and goodbye" which KILLS me. I hate it when I tear up like that because I can't control the reaction and trying to stop it just makes it worse...so I'm sure the interviewer & greeters (other people from the firm that walk to you between the lobby & interview room) saw it. Good one, Lisa.

The day got a lot better after that...I touched base with another consulting firm, conducted a phone interview for this semester's CCE project, snuck in a nap, and had a productive meeting for a marketing project. The best part of the afternoon was getting a chance to run to and from my mktg meeting...the weather was perfect and since running is cheaper than therapy, I extended my route on the way home to work off all of the pent up emotions from earlier in the day. 4 miles later, life was fine and dandy again :)

The genius moment of today came an hour afterward when I had to bike 6 miles across town against the wind to go to my usual friday night hot yoga class. I left later than I intended to so I had to sprint against the wind (deja vu from last friday) but this time with tired legs, which made for a mentally arduous experience. I was exhausted by the time I got there so I was tempted to not walk into the class, did it anyway (I'm getting really good at that) and am SO glad that I did! The class' music was soundtrack themed, the energy was fantastic, and I got to catch up with a few friends (some of whom came for the first time tonight per my recommendation!). There's honestly nothing like hot karma yoga on Friday nights to make life something worth smiling about.

To top it off, post-yoga meant a Whole Foods picnic with one of my favorite girlfriends.

We feasted on french bread, hummus, grapes, carrots, and specialty desserts--vegan pumpkin cheesecake topped with dark chocolate for me, black forest cake for her. Perfect end to a lovely night.