Marathon Part 1

Last April, I signed up to run the Twin Cities Marathon. At the time, I had high hopes for training hard over the summer and then running a sub-4hr first marathon. It sounded great and completely feasible in my head so despite concerns about the time investment needed for training, I went ahead and registered.

Needless to say, summer & my internship took over, I didn't have time to train, and I decided to postpone my marathon dreams until I was better prepared. It was a tough decision since I'd paid a rather hefty registration fee that was non-transferrable, non-refundable, and non-deferrable, but 26.2 miles/42km is a long way to go if you aren't prepared for it. This time, logic won.

Two days ago, I decided that despite not training at all (the furthest I've run recently was 5 miles and the furthest I've ever run was 13.2 miles 2 years ago), I didn't have anything to lose by at least trying to run the marathon. Worse case scenario, I ran too slowly & got picked up by the 'sweep bus' that picks up runners that fall behind the pace case scenario, I would finish the marathon and have a great story to tell.

Today I ran the marathon, finished in 5:28:38, and loved every minute of it.

I'd love to gush about it, but I have an online marketing exam to take. To be continued.