So the crying described in my last post definitely happened. Like most crying spells, it was unsolicited, fought, and in the lisa v. tears battle, tears won. As soon as I let it happen though, I felt so much better. Actually, I felt better than better--I felt ready to stop allowing myself feel like a victim and to take control of the situation by changing my perspective. Yes, this weekend has sucked....but that doesn't mean I have to let it get the best of me or ruin the remainder of my weekend.

As we speak, I'm putting on running clothes and brewing a ridiculous amount of coffee in my french press. After banging out a few miles on a treadmill for my sanity, I plan use caffeine-induced superpowers to work through the night until everything I need to do is finished. By the time I go to bed, I'll be done with what I have to do and be able to do what I choose to do after I wake up. No more victimization, no more resentment. That ability to say that is definitely something worth working for.