It's not through a lack of trying

You guys. Classes are complete, all final exams have been taken, I survived final presentations (exciting!), and I'm now two partially completed documents away from it officially being winter break! To force completion, I've informally locked myself out of my apartment and refuse to allow myself to go home until everything is finito. Don't worry--I've taken up residence in my usual campus haunts so I'm not shivering in the cold...yet. We'll see what happens when everything closes around midnight.

Beyond semester close out stuff, I have some exciting things in the pipeline for winter break & next semester. I've somehow reached the stage where people are willing to pay me to tell them what I think about their business and the opportunities available, which is jointly weird and super exciting. Over the next few months, I'll be working for two different people (one a professor, another a former Fortune 500 CEO) on two very different projects AND being paid by my university to conduct my own research! As of this week, I have a research lab (with hidden cameras!), institutional backing, funding, research subjects, and the energy to turn everything into an honors thesis. Even though I'm just starting to work on the actual research aspect (I wrote up the literature review last spring), it's already gathered a surprising amount of attention from teachers and peers. It's definitely exciting, but now the pressure's on so it's perform or die (and by die I mean fade into literary obscurity), my friends.

Back to the books for me.