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I don't understand how it's already a new week again. Can time slow down a bit, please? I spent this past week buried under homework, hit up an ice skating rink with my post-grad employer on Friday, introduced my new roommates to each other over dinner (they like each other!), broke out elbow-length black gloves for a gala, followed the gala with my first slice of Mesa pizza in about a year, and then devoted Sunday to community, cooking, and coursework. How's that for some alliteration?

Lively Links:

These questions paired with pictures are guaranteed to make you both smile & think

Gene Gregory, head of the United Egg Producers lobby and Wayne Pacelle, president of the Humane Society went from being bitter adversaries to allies. Together, they're asking Congress to approve new rules for egg farmers. Hats off to them for working together to make a difference!

Do French women know something American women don't about parenting?

Earlier this week, I watched the film, 'What's your number' with my roommate, then this article popped up on my blog feed this morning. Both make interesting viewings, but the big takeaway from both is to stop worrying about your past, love yourself for the way you are, and to find someone that appreciates you for you.

Smoked Sea Salt Kissed Maple Donuts. No explanation needed.

Have a great week!