Lively Links

I believe that I'm turning more and more into a 94 year old woman. I've taken to eating dinner around 4:30 (mostly out of necessity), adore early mornings, and don't function the next day if I'm in bed later than midnight. Perhaps even 10:30pm. Any later than that? Goodbye motivation for the next 12 hours. 9 for sleeping, 3 for putzing my life away. This is problematic.

Lively links:

Scale of the Universe. aka the most fascinating website ever.

Poetic assistance via InstaPoem (as seen above!)

Who knew killer clothes clothes could make you a literal fashion victim? Health problems via the WSJ that result from tight jeans, high heels, and improperly fitted mens shirts

My favorite way to spend a friday night is to hit up Karma yoga with a friend (or two or three) at Moksha yoga. This guy (the owner) is such an inspiration for me so I wanted to share him with you:

productivity crunch time for me. peace