Take the leap

In honor of leap day, I received a message this afternoon from a mentor. His challenge to me and to other friends of his was to use this extra day to take a leap, to:

Go have that conversation you've been holding off on.

Take the time to go to that movie you've wanted to see. 

Go to that restaurant you've always talked about 
and have the most expensive item on the menu.

Tell someone you care about very much how much you care about them. 
"Say what you need to say" as John Mayer would encourage you to do.

Whatever it is...take the leap.
(You can find his entire message here)

My version of taking the leap? I grabbed african food for dinner with a friend and purchased an early graduation present for myself. Sunrise hot air balloon voyage with champagne toast upon landing? I don't mind if I do.

Graduation, by the way, is now 75 days away. Bring on the leap(s).