In which I gain tremendous insight from a textbook

I have a Human Resources exam on 250 pages of material (8 chapters) in a little under 7 hours and wanted to share the experience with you. Riveting, I know.

Going into this semester, I thought HR would be a class that I'd really enjoy (seriously) because of the design--people-focus--people development--leadership aspects of it. When I got to the class and found out the textbook would have tremendously insightful passages like this one, however:
"Various research studies have revealed that people who are relatively satisfied with their jobs are somewhat more committed to the organization"
my perspective changed a bit. 'Relatively satisfied' and 'somewhat more committed'...I don't think I've ever heard more persuasive language used in research reports or academia as a whole. Since when did the use of qualifiers become acceptable in textbooks to make misleading statements appear intelligent?

71 pages in, 179 pages to review to go.