Lively Links

Hey hey. After an awesome Saturday at TEDxUMN 2012, grabbing brunch with my mom this afternoon (which may or may not have been the 4th time I've eaten at Punch in the past 6 days) and then spending the past 5 hours of my life in a group meeting, I'm a little behind on everything. That said, what else is new? Two weeks left of Sunday night homework procrastination and 22 days until graduation!

On to the best things I've seen this week:
Accomplishments and affiliations have become synonymous with each other for introductions. Time to stop relying on your affiliations and be proud of your accomplishments.

Every wonder why your fingers get pruney in water? Turns out the reaction could be more useful than you think.

I'm heading to Lollapalooza this August and found an amazing place to stay via airbnb. Living the high-rise life complements of someone's cozy apartment for less than half the price of a hotel? Yes please!

Did you know Gotye's preferred name is Wally? Hear him take over my favorite local radio station and play some of his favorite tracks.

Take me here. Now.

50 people you wish you knew in real life that would make your days so much better. Aching abs resulting from laughter counts as a workout, right?

Heartbreak. We've all felt it (or at least heard someone sing about it), and it turns out that it actually exists scientifically.

Keys, pants, dignity. Check. Up your dignity quotient with 5 steps.

Why guilt may make people more effective leaders

annd here is something I would love to see happen in real life:

Happy Sunday!