Final Final

The final final exam of my undergrad career was from 8am-10am this morning. Despite needing it to go well, I just couldn't get it up for the test. Motivation, that is. Geeze.

I may have given the test my dignity but its 28 grammatical errors and 4 repeated questions (out of 97) meant that it didn't come out looking so pretty either. If only the TAs doing the grading actually read the notes students write on the exams...ha.

Since the class is graded on a curve, we'll see how the final final (that just doesn't get old) result plays out. Until then, I'll be buying rounds at happy hour as retribution for losing the exam speed race.

A word for the wise: don't engage in "lets see who can finish first" bets with someone that makes a point to spend as little time in a classroom as possible. You will start caring about the final halfway through, they wont, and they will beat you.

Well played, friend. Well played.