Life Lately (in pictures)

The Wombats (one of the best live shows I've ever seen)
Walking out into a spectacular thunderstorm at just the right time to catch the bus we needed
Brewing kombucha in my closet (like my closet bar?)
Honors Recognition Ceremony with two of my favorite ladies
Caffeine-fueled thesis-ing
Submitting the thesis 
(1.5 yrs of work culminating in 40 pages and just under 10,000 words!)
Dancing at a Neon Indian concert for three hours and then walking three miles home at 1am
Eating here and here and here
Taking super attractive pictures
and checking things off the to-do list (disregard the lack of checks in this picture).
As of this evening, two things remain on my college to-do list: one final exam (Human Resources at 8am on Wednesday) and graduation. Where did Spring semester go?