Lively Links

What a week. On the school side, I rocked out four papers, a final exam, an impromptu speech, the last ever class of my undergrad career (sniff), and my honors thesis (DONE DONE DONE DONE DONE!). Along with the mess of school stuff, I hit up two concerts, did not trip and fall while walking across a stage in heels, bodyrocked on a beach following a trail run, and ate out with a different friend for every single meal yesterday. High fives all around!

On to the best things I saw this week:

1987 Aerobics Championships. YES.

"The Most Hipster State in the US" is the place that I call home. This video solidifies the title and cracks me up every time. Also, I may or may not have used the first link as a basis for an argument in a business school term paper. #winning.

The worst people you see at every summer music festival & a farce of every band name

The. This. Though. I. And. An. There. That. Words that can determine your dating compatibility

I'm archiving this as inspiration for a future April Fool's day prank

A penguin's life in pictures

Thisthis, and this have been inspiring me lately. The last one enables everything.

If historical figures had Facebook...

I'm heading to a potluck this afternoon and this cranberry, apple, and almond quinoa is my go-to recipe. I can throw it together in under 30 minutes and I've never returned with leftovers!

Happy Sunday!