Lively Links

In my first week of post-grad life, I did a lot of eating, sleeping, catching up with friends, and reading. It was beautiful. I also took a mini road trip down to Carleton College to see a friend, broke out a bikini for the first time this season, and drove home through thunderstorms to classical music. Helloooo summer!

On to the best things I've seen this week:

I don't even have words for how much I'm dying to see this documentary:

I'd also love to see practically everything on this list from the 2012 Hot Docs festival. Fingers crossed they pop up quickly either online or on Netflix!

This and this are the newest additions to my reading list.

Who's up for a trip to Switzerland to see Mumford & Sons play at OpenAir St. Gallen? (seriously)

From the perspective of a pastor, 5 phrases Christians shouldn't say (and they're not what you'd expect!)

Dessa (of Doomtree) gave a killer commencement speech last week about how failure makes you more alive. It's definitely in my 'top 5' commencement address category (including Steve Jobs' address!)!

And your animal clips for the week: Seagulls being awesome

Happy Sunday!