Musings from 11th grade

Spring cleaning has hit my household hard. In the process of tearing apart my childhood room to eliminate clutter, I came across a few gems from my junior year of high school:

Final cast party for the musical, "Swing!" (musical theatre was totally my thing)

"A high school student's haiku" penned on the back of a notebook:

Tired eyes closing
my mind is on hiatus
please come back to me.

Finally, something that we can all use a reminder of at times:

Components of a good apology (from an "Interpersonal Communication" course):
  1. Sincerity - not apathetic, inattentive, avoidant
  2. Honesty - come clean
  3. Offer (where possible) compensation
  4. Don't be defensive
  5. Don't make excuses (although occasionally explaining the situation is okay)
  6. "Our relationship is important to me"
  7. Ask for--but don't demand--forgiveness. Give them space and time.

Back to cleaning!