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Hey Friends! How was your week?

Mine started out in California, progressed to Minnesota, involved a few moving trips to my new flat, and hit an amusement high note when I realized (after moving in) that I had been given the wrong keys and therefore was locked out of my place. Classic.

After sorting out the key situation, I spent the rest of the week unpacking, concert-ing (Walk the Moon!), organizing, festival-ing, IKEA-ing, and furniture assembling. The best news: I have an flat that wows me every day, a bed (serious progress from sleeping on the floor), and an amazing dad that spent all of Fathers Day helping me put my bed together. Awesome.

On to the links:

Just in time for summer internships: how to be an awesome hard-ass

Hometown favorite Poli├ža is making it big across the pond

How to start collecting art on a budget

Tiny people's wonderful world of food take two

Plant-strong backpacking food? Yes please!

Walk the Moon. I know I've mentioned this band before but I now have four more reasons to be psyched about them:
1. One of their songs is called Lisa Baby
2. While touring, they filmed seven videos in seven days. This is one of them:
3. Their new album comes out tomorrow. Can you say perfect summer soundtrack?
4. They are playing David Letterman tomorrow. Watch it!