Lively Links

Greetings from Colorado Springs! After a weekend of catching up with my sister and old friends, avoiding wildfires (so far so good!), and drinking my way through area coffee shops, I'm heading north for an Internet free week on the plains. See you on Saturday or Sunday!

On to the links:

Must replicate

Classic comic book and Star Wars characters posing as out-of-work veterans

I can't get enough of Cindy Gallop. International advertising consultant, frequent TED speaker, world traveler, and all-black apartment dweller. Hot.

Who's up for the Rory Gilmore reading challenge?

The best pieces of "Pink Journalism" for the year = totally engrossing. To that list, I'd add, "Why Women Still Can't Have it All" by the first woman director of policy planning at the US State Department.

An interesting take on how to fix the student loan problem

A great excuse to go to a coffee shop

As if I needed another excuse to see Brave, the soundtrack features a Mumford & Sons/Birdy combo. Thanks for having me hook, line, & sinker, Pixar.

Have a great week!