Life in the past month-ish

My goodness, it's been a while. After a crazy couple weeks of near non-stop travel, I'm back at my flat, digging my way out of a mess of email/texts/communication-in-general that I've been neglecting. Hello clean inbox! Goodbye better part of the day. For my sanity, I have a hot date planned with my running shoes this evening followed by a happy hour catchup with a fellow adventurer. Now if I could only finagle someone to help me pick up a rug (bike transit doesn't quite work for a 6x6 monstrosity) life would truly be grand!

In reverse order, here's what I've been up to in the past month-ish:

This past weekend:
Getting drenched by a thunderstorm during a 12 mile training run. Awesome. (and now I can't move)
Sampling ridiculously tasty donuts, watermelon lemonade, and farmers market goodies
Dancing to Greycoats, Night Moves, and Jeremy Messersmith at First Avenue, jumping off of a bus because walking was faster, and surprising a friend for his 23rd birthday
Incorporating playgrounds and parcourse into recovery runs
and appreciating sunsets and vino with friends and family 

Last week: California!
Landing in San Francisco and then booking it to a seafood shack (cioppino and cod for the family, fire-roasted artichokes and a greek salad for me)
Watching sea lions push each other off of rocks at Monterey Bay (and resisting the urge to do the same thing to my siblings)
 Teasing overgrown goldfish
and savoring incredible japanese food (SO much better in Cali than it is in MN!)
Last Week Continued: Minneapolis
Laundry, repacking, and story swapping over late night greek food
July 10-12: Iowa
Finding strange books and eating crazy good falafel in Iowa City
July 9: Minnesota
Summer lazing with friends, friends' cats (he has the right idea), and butterfly stalking
July 3-8: Houston, Texas
Discovering nothing says, "Welcome to Texas," quite like a statue of an astronaut cow holding a Texas flag
 Spending the 4th of July poolside and on a rooftop with friends new and old
 Happening upon a collection of giant heads
(and responding in the most mature way possible)
Perusing Houston's wine bars, honky-tonks, and tequila mixerias (all social activities in Houston are food/drink related)
and following a ridiculously hot & humid 10 miler (4 miles outside followed by 6 on a treadmill) with kombucha, the best cookie of my life, and a good book at a fabulous coffee shop.
June 22-July 1: Colorado, Nebraska, and South Dakota
Catching up with old friends in Colorado
Road tripping to Fort Robinson, Nebraska
Conversing on the front porch every evening
Soaking up history (site where Crazy Horse was killed)
Traipsing through Jewel Cave with a historic gas lantern
Contorting bodies to fit through small spaces (this 8.5"x24" space is representative of the smallest space you'd have to fit through if you went on the advanced caving tour. With one arm above your head, the other by your side, and exhaling to collapse your lungs & shoulders while pushing with your feet, one can squeeze through the hole!)
 Chasing sunsets and horseback riding through Nebraska buttes
 and watching in disbelief as musical chairs is played on horseback during a rodeo. Insanity.