6 things

1. Week one of analyst training = complete! I arrived at training a total newb and returned with a far better understanding of just how much of a newb I am. As frustrating as it was to dive into stuff that was unfamiliar, stressful, and seemingly beyond me, knowing that everyone else in my training class was in the same boat made everything okay.

2. I leave for week two of training in approximately 36 hours. Bring it on.

3. Any keyboard shortcut I try to use fails miserably because I keep trying to apply mac shortcuts/key strokes to my work computer and windows shortcuts/keystrokes to my mac. You never know how much you rely on said keystrokes until you perpetually mess them up.

4. I have an 18 mile run scheduled for tomorrow morning, yet all I want to do is sleep. Remind me why I thought training for a marathon while starting a new job would be a good idea?

5. You know you're an adult when you come home from a trip to find that all of your mail is either bills or requests for money (and is generally depressing).

6. New business trip pre-departure requirement: ensuring one's pantry contains Trader Joes' boxed indian food and frozen brown rice. I came home hungry and cranky, pulled the indian food out of my pantry, had an excellent dinner within 5 minutes, and all was once again right with the world. The end.